The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2015


The thing about ugly Christmas sweaters is…they’re not all that ugly anymore. Years of digging for a gaudy holiday sweater at Goodwill…or in Grandma’s closet have given way to a mainstream retail category. Which is to say, holiday sweaters are all over the mall. And look, sometimes that’s just easier than a vintage scavenger hunt. But do keep a level head about holiday sweaters. A lot of them are ridiculously expensive. Like, absurdly so. That was the takeaway from the kiosk, where every sweater I touched was more than $50—some were $70!—and the selection is more crass that kitschy.

So here’s where to shop for holiday sweaters at the mall.


Forever 21

Plenty of options, more flirty than ugly, like “Kiss Me” in red sequins or “Naughty or Nice?” Most (including the one pictured above) priced at $24.90.

Forever 21
144 East Broadway


AliShopsMOA-RagstockHolidayRagstock has the biggest selection of ugly Christmas sweaters at the mall—three locations, one devoted entirely to holiday—and it’s the only store where I found Hanukkah sweaters and sweatshirts as well (because why should Christians get all the ugly sweaters?!). Prices start $24.99 for sweatshirts and if you want a truly ugly sweater, those can be had for $34.99. Prices go up from there—$54.99 for the Hanukkah sweater pictured (at least you have eight days to wear it). Ragstock also sells sparkly skirts, hats, socks and more to complete the ensemble.

Ragstock Holiday Sweater Store: 390 West Market
Additional locations: 300 East Broadway and 275 North Garden


AliShopsMOA-HolidayHMI found the best deals on Christmas sweaters at H&M, which offers plenty of holiday options for men and women, with varying degrees of ugliness. Most were $19.99.

117 West Market

Urban Outfitters


The very ugliest holiday sweaters at Urban Outfitters are also the least expensive at $34.99. If you’re going for the party laughs, consider the Elf/Will Ferrell-inspired “Son of a Nutcracker” sweater, but that will cost you $69.99.

Urban Outfitters
122 West Market





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