Comfortable in a suit. Unafraid to rock a slim fitting jean. Frequently mistaken for Pharrell Williams or Benedict Cumberbatch. A mall guide for men of style.

PARK. Nordstrom

First floor is where you’ll find men’s apparel and shoes.

SHOP. Nordstrom

Best concentration of designer brands and premium denim at the mall, plus Top Man from Top Shop is great for affordable, modern cut suiting and casual apparel.

1000 Northwest Court

SHOP. Club Monaco

That guy at the party that looks so good in a simple crew neck sweater? He’s shopping here, for slim fitting, elevated basics with pops of unexpected pattern and modern suiting.

102 North Garden

DRINK. Sencha

You’ve got to hydrate if you’re going to keep going. Just two floors up. Get the tapioca pearls. Then take the escalator back down and be on your way.

392 North Garden

SHOP. American Apparel

Where all cool guys get their T-shirts.

186 North Garden

 SHOP. Kiehl’s

A beauty brand that really gets guys. From shaving products to the Facial Fuel moisturizing line, designed to penetrate men’s thicker skin.

121 North Garden

 REST. Barnes & Noble

Stock up on GQ, n’stuff.

118 East Broadway

 SHOP. J.Crew

The Ludlow is about the best off-the-rack suit for the money these days.

200 South Avenue

 SHOP. Burberry

A silk jacquard tie is a game changer.

178 South Avenue

SHOP. Boss Hugo Boss

When you’re ready to step up from the Bananas of the world, try this contemporary designer brand out for size.

176 South Avenue

EAT. Masu Sushi & Robata

Sapporo and Fulton on tap to wash down those Korean-cut short ribs.

344 South Avenue


SHOP. Hammer Made

This Minnesota-based company produces small batch, European-inspired dress shirts and accessories for men willing to embrace color and pattern.

150 South Avenue

RECHARGE. Apple Store

Juice up your most essential accessory.

132 South Avenue

SHOP. Victorinox Swiss Army

Simple, sturdy luggage, custom knives, and surprisingly slick shirts, outerwear vests and jackets.

138 South Avenue

SHOP. Nordstrom Rack

It’s always worth taking a spin for designer discounts.

324 West Market


David Beckham boxer briefs are reason enough.

117 West Market

RELAX. Art of Shaving

Treat yourself to a Royal Shave. Or, depending on how hip you are, a mustache trim.

125 West Market