You are determined to do some shopping while making time for the kids to have fun.

 PARK. Fourth floor west side near Nordstrom

Easiest with strollers, the fourth floor skyway takes you from the ramp directly into to the mall without having to go up or down a half flight, like you do on the other floors.

SHOP. Nordstrom, third floor

Just inside the third floor entrance are elevators and the best women’s bathroom in the mall with a lounge and a separate nursing/changing area including plush chairs and pillows and a sink. Children’s clothes and shoes are on the third floor. This shoe department is the best place to get little feet measured by an expert. Kids love the fish tank, and there are free balloons, which will keep them entertained while you check out the women’s clothes on the second floor.

Tip: Check coats at any sales desk. Seriously, just ask.

1000 Northwest Court

 SNACK. Nordstrom Ebar

This coffee bar also offers house-made smoothies, pastries, grab-and-go sandwiches, salads and snacks. It’s a quick and convenient stop located at the first floor entrance to the mall, with seating in Nordstrom Court, right outside the store. Other kid-friendly options around Nordstrom Court include Orange Julius (130 West Market) and Caribou Coffee (194 North Garden).

1000 Northwest Court


Fashion emporium H&M has a standout children’s department toward the back of the store, filled with clothes that are cool and not too expensive. If you’re lucky, the cash wrap in kids will be open and you won’t have to stand in the perpetually long line at the main registers.

117 West Market

SHOP. Athleta

You need active apparel to keep up with the kids, so don’t feel bad about bringing them along. Plus, the fitting room area is stocked with snacks and coloring books and a couple of plush chairs where kids can crash. There are bathrooms back there too, so make a stop before you push off.

145 South Avenue

 PLAY. Apple Store

You’re going to pass the Apple Store on your way to the best kids’ clothing stores. Apple has iPads set up with kids games. (Across the hall, Microsoft has Xbox 360 stations.) Use this as leverage.

Apple Store
132 South Avenue


Home to the world’s largest Lego model, a 34-foot robot, this is as much gallery as store with several elaborate displays that will wow Lego fans. That’s why it’s a mob scene on weekends. The enormous pick-a-brick wall features more than 180 types of Legos. Prices are comparable to other Lego dealers, and the selection is much broader. There are computer stations to try Lego video games, and a play area at the back of the store. Let the kids build while you sit on a bench and check email. (Caribou Coffee is just steps away.) Don’t forget the hand sanitizer.

164 South Avenue

 SHOP. Janie + Jack

Gymboree for the country club set. Find classic, better children’s clothing, infant to size 6.

Janie + Jack
168 South Avenue

 SHOP/PLAY. Disney

The new and improved Disney store is one kids and adults can agree upon. Stock up on gifts and PJs while the kids kick back on benches to watch scenes from a classic Disney movie.

118 South Avenue

 ELEVATOR. Up at Gap

Skip the center elevators—you could wait forever. Instead, go into Gap (women’s is on the first floor, so steal a few looks) and use the elevator to get up to children’s on two.

110 South Avenue

 BATHROOM BREAK. Baby Gap / Kids

There’s a bathroom with changing area on the second floor.

210 South Avenue


Use the elevator in the center of South Avenue to go up to the third floor.

 EAT. Noodles & Co.

It’s directly above LEGO on the third floor. Beyond the obvious noodles, Noodles is an actual restaurant with its own tables and bathrooms. Even when busy, it’s a safe, civilized haven from the chaos of the food court.

Noodles & Co.
342 South Avenue

 EAT. Johnny Rockets (Supermom plan): 

The old-fashioned burger joint is at the northern end of the food court, but has its own counter and two precious booths. Try to get one of the two booths for table service. Here, the kids can enjoy a view of the roller coaster while gobbling fries and malts.

Johnny Rockets
370 South Avenue


You’re just going to have to deal with it, or walk out of your way. Take the South elevators, near the food court, down to the second floor, and continue heading east.

 SHOP. J.Crew 

Crewcuts is one of our favorites for kids clothes—we always start with the sale rack and work our way up front. And take a spin around the big people clothes, while you’re at it. You deserve it.

J. Crew
200 South Avenue

 SHOP/PLAY. Verizon

Control a ball with an iPhone. Play DJ at a mixing station. Make an animated GIF. The kids will be content for a good long while, and you can chill out on the sofa and take advantage of the free Wifi, or make a custom phone case featuring a photo of your adorable and perfectly behaved children. Or something else.

Verizon Destination Store
264 East Broadway


From the Rotunda elevators on the east side, you can see the big freight elevator by the door. Take it! It’s faster, rarely full, and fair game to shoppers.

 SHOP. Barnes & Noble

The children’s department is a good place to get away from the chaos of the mall. Read some books; play with the toys. Grab yourself a latte at the in-store Starbucks counter.

Barnes & Noble
118 East Broadway

 SHOP. Sears

The Land’s End department on the second floor is a great place for kids outerwear, boots and school clothes. Use the in-store elevator to get there, and take it back down to one before you leave.

2000 NE Court

 SHOP. Justice, just for girls!

Tween girl paradise. Beware: they can smell it a corridor away, so you’re better off setting expectations low than trying to avoid it.

Justice, Just for girls!
255 South Avenue

  SHOP. American Apparel

It’s not just for hipsters and drag queens. Find great baby basics—onesies, cotton pants, hoodies and some cool graphic tees.

American Apparel
186 North Garden

 SHOP. Hanna Andersson

Colorful, comfy and playful children’s wear (no adult clothes here) for parents willing to pay for quality.

Hanna Andersson
190 North Garden

 EAT. Nordstrom Cafe.

Congrats! You made it full circle. If it’s time to eat before leaving, head to the third floor cafe—an oasis of calm, even on busy days. From there, it’s a straight shot back to the bathroom where you started, and the exit.

Nordstrom Cafe
1000 Northwest Court

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