How to Avoid The Crowds

Make Restaurant Reservations

If you hope to eat at one of the more touristy spots, such as Rainforest Cafe, call ahead. Tucci Benucch and Twin City Grill also tends to fill up at dinner time, particularly on the weekends.

Play on Weekdays

This may seem obvious, but to anyone who has stood in a 30-minute line for a two-minute roller coaster ride, it’s worth pointing out that weekdays are considerably quieter. Monday night is our absolute favorite time to shop and play at Nickelodeon Universe.

Back to School

If you plan to visit the mall in August, be prepared for Christmas-type crowds. MOA is a big destination for back-to-school shopping sprees, among both locals and tourists.

Black Friday

You haven’t seen a Black Friday mob scene until you’ve visited MOA the day after Thanksgiving. Last year, more than 120,000 shoppers visited the mall on Black Friday alone—20,000 arrived before midnight.