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Carly Rae Jepsen would like it—really, really, really, really, really, really like it—if we’d stop talking about “Call Me Maybe,” the song of 2012, that launched her into the stratosphere. Her follow up album, E-MO-TION, is out this week and she is promoting it with the intensity of someone determined to avoid becoming a footnote on a VH1 retrospective. Her publicity blitz takes her from the Today show on Friday to Mall of America on Saturday, where she’ll perform a free concert and meet and greet at 7 p.m. (Wristbands will be handed out in the Rotunda beginning Saturday at 3 p.m. on a first come, first serve basis to those that purchase the new album). Be there, maybe?

Are you tired of people asking you to Call Me, Maybe?

How much pressure do you feel to match the success of your biggest hit? At first there was some very real pressure, but I tried to turn it around in my head and look at it as an opportunity to share some other sides of my writing.

You definitely have a knack for the catchy hook…what led to the first release from this album, “I Really Like You?” That was a collaborative effort between Peter Svensson, J. Kash and myself. We were trying to capture those beginning butterflies that you feel at the start of something.

Tom Hanks lip-syncs your song in the video! How did that come about? He’s friends with my manager, Scooter. They were at dinner one day and the concept for my video came up. I had this vision of having a very unexpected male character lip sync the song instead of me. I guess Tom liked the idea and blew all of our minds by agreeing to be part of the project.

Do you think Tom Hanks could beat Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync contest? That would be a tough one. It’s a coin toss for me.

Tell us about the new single, “Run Away With Me.” I wrote that song in Sweden with a group of writers who were just as excited as I was to try and capture what romance is like on the road. It’s difficult with this lifestyle to really get a day to day relationship cooking and sometimes escaping for a weekend romance is all the time you’ve got.

What pop song (besides your own) are you most likely to belt out alone at home? “Kiss” by Prince.

You recently spent some time in Tokyo—do any shopping? I love shopping in Harajuku and I love eating my weight’s worth in sushi while I’m there.

Let’s say you had an anonymous hour to yourself at Mall of America this weekend. What would you do? I am a bit of a shopaholic, so I’m sure I would do some damage.

So does a big album release require a whole new wardrobe? My style and look is constantly changing and evolving as I go. I love to play with fashion and not be pigeonholed in one set look forever. I think sometimes the songs I’m writing do inspire those changes. For example, “Run Away With Me,” I wanted to get as Joan Jett as possible, which is probably why I dyed my hair black.

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